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To listen to your soul mission it is needed to be quiet. Practise silence to reach the more subtle frequencies of your Higher Soul to guide you gently towards your Path... ✨

When I'm high above the clouds I’m always reminded as well. The broad universe and how we are all connected. A bit more away from Earth ? the energy frequencies are lighter... Subtle. Immediately noticable because there are less thoughtforms floating around. Thoughtforms created by us Humans which give us distractions sometimes.. 'the field' literally gets cloudy by all this thoughtforms.

Messages we really have to listen to ( beyond mind ) can't come through..You can compare it with the water in the ocean ... When there is no storm , no rain. You can see clearly. Maybe you can even see the bottom of the ocean ( if there is no pollution of course) but when there is a change in weather... It rains or storms..??️? the water is in chaos and you will not see the bottom anymore..So is the mind ..

One of the reasons why monks and yogis live separated in the high mountains is because of this. Less thoughtforms.. more silence. Higher and more pure energy frequencies. Clear Ocean up there ..So if you become more aware.

The energy fields are different in each county as well. As we travel for many years now... We've noticed the difference. For me personally there was a huge difference the last two years.. ofocurse the whole world got influenced created by thoughtforms of fear, anxieties, anger, depression and so on.. but especially the last months of the year and the beginning of this year. The energy in the Netherlands was extremely dense. It felt like we were literally covered in a thick blanket for weeks ( did you noticed the mist for so many weeks ?)

And than I landed in Portugal.. that was a complete difference immediately sensible. Of course here was COVID too and regulations where even stricter. BUT.... People act different. Different mentality. I don't want to judge good or bad. Just different. And the energy of this country is much lighter. Especially in the little villages in the hills. Surrounded by the orange fields ...

Less stress and more content with 'what is' eventhough life is not always easy.. ( there is still a lot of poverty in the smaller villages)

Anyway to conclude the Blog of today; Can you try to observe your state of mind today ? Maybe practise Silence for about 5 minutes eventhough you might have busy schedules...

I believe You can make a global change in the energy fields of the earth if you alternate your state of mind.Practise to stay centered even when life situations become more difficult.

You can always make a choice to react... Or not ?. What wil give you positivity? Or what will only drain your energy?

The choice is yours ..

Enjoy your day! ☀️

With love,


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